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How to Change People Who Don’t Want to Change | The Behavioral Science Guys

Brad Smith - 6 years ago

The Behavioral Science Guys, a.k.a. the New York Times bestselling authors David Maxfield and Joseph Grenny, provide some behavioral science you can use to help your loved ones change their bad habits. What’s the trick? Too often, our instinct is to lecture our loved ones with information they are already aware of. Social science shows that reminding people of something they already know, but obviously don’t want to think about, doesn’t work. So, instead, replace tired lectures with an influential question. By doing so you’ll see less defensiveness and more openness. You’ll help others feel emotionally safe which in turn allows them to acknowledge their own ambivalence about their bad habits. So next time you want to help others change, use questions and help them explore their own motivations at their own pace.